My Story

Well hello and thank you for your interest in my story.  I hope I can inspired you to make small lifestyle changes for a better health.

I’m the oldest of six children. I grew up eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) which included cup of noodles, frozen meals, other refined foods and sugary beverages. As an adult, I was obese and suffered from several health issues. I tried Weight Watchers, low-fat foods and pills to help me lose weight. I took prescribed medication to treat skin rashes, allergy symptoms and to regulate my bowel-movements. In desperation and without health insurance, I was forced to take action over my own health.

My health struggles started at a young age. I first became aware of my inability to digest gluten in my teen years. I was constipated, fatigued and sick. My parents decided to take me to a holistic doctor I was informed I should abstain from  anything that had gluten.  He suggested to change my diet or else I would be at risk of other health issues in my later years. As a teenager, I didn’t give it much thought and went back to my poor food choices. In my late twenties, while still eating a SAD diet, I continued to have similar health issues. However, this time I was very aware that the skin rashes, constipation and extra weight were a result of what I was eating. So, with a stronger sense of conviction, I decided to treat the root cause of the problem.

In 2010, I began to slowly changed my diet. The rash disappeared, I lost a lot of weight and my digestion improved significantly.  Eating fresh whole foods was the medicine that healed my maladies. This is how my lifestyle changed and prompted my interest in learning more about how the foods we eat either affect or help heal our bodies.


Bachelor of Arts, Sociology
California State University, Sacramento, California

I completed my bachelors in December of 2009.  I chose this degree because I have always had an interest in working with people.  I wanted to have the awareness of different cultures, social behaviors and patterns.  This degree broaden my perspective and skills to understand the differences of our diverse society.

Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition
National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM)

I completed my masters degree in September of 2018.  I chose this school because I wanted a nutrition degree that focused on the healing components of food.  In the past, I’ve heard the adage, “You are what you eat” and I just correlated that with eating healthier. When I came across NUNM’s motto, “Using food as medicine”, I became convinced this was the perfect degree for me.