Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet consist of a daily intake of whole wheat carbohydrates, legumes, vegetables and healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts, seeds and fish. Foods consumed on occasions are chicken, eggs and dairy; and less frequently are red meats and sweets.

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What is Hypertension and what can I do?

Hypertension- is when the pressure of your blood is putting a lot of force on the walls of the arteries; hence it is also referred to as high blood pressure.

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Grocery Tour Tips

Plan ahead before going grocery shopping.

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Gluten Brochure

The main types of reactions to gluten.

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Grocery List Template

Printable blank grocery list template.

I like to feel prepared before heading out grocery shopping.   This template makes my grocery shopping easier and helps me stay within my food budget.  On the “Note” section, I like to write down the amount of each item (rounding it up to the nearest dollar).  Half ways into my shopping I add my total and again before I stand at the cash register.

I hope you find this helpful as it has been for me.


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